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The sequel to Xbox 360 and PS3 game Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare, Modern Warfare is a game which is so broken, just by playing the online will automatically melt your Xbox/PS3 just by inserting the cursed game. This game has been unleashed on Adults and Children alike. When this game is played it instantly takes a day of your life.
Gay Kid: When I'm older I'm gonna join the army rangers! I'm gonna run around with my akimbo rangers. Doesn't matter if I get shot, i'll just respawn! In the battlefield when I'm an army ranger i will camp! I love Modern Warfare 2 so much!
by Ihatemodernwarfare2 July 29, 2010
A Cookie Monster Shirt is a shirt found in nearly every shop around the globe. It is worn by early teenagers who think that they are 'retro' but have never even watched an episode of fucking Sesame Street. They are usually found begging for cash outside HMV so they can buy a shirt printed with Elmo's face. They are people of whom I think very little. If you own a Cookie Monster shirt I take pity on you.
Guy in cinema: So then I was watching retro Hulk! Oh yeah, it's so funny when he's fighting a bear they throw a teddy at him! And then I got a Cookie Monster Shirt. Also I just bought a gold jewel encrusted HDMI cable for my TV!!!
by IHateModernWarfare2 August 20, 2010
Russell Howard is a British comedian who appears regularly on the show 'Mock The Week.' Put frankly, he is pathetic.
He almost never comes up with any new things to say. After the 1000th time he repeats a Bin Laden joke you just turn the television off and wonder why this Goverment approved Rent Boy was allowed to be on 'Mock The Week' let alone have his own show. Don't get me started on his annoying twitch. He's so Politically Correct it makes me sick. He's constantly talking about how much he wants to suck Obama's cock and nibble on his ballsack. If there was a show entitled 'Russell Howard gets executed' I would definitley watch it. That's what I call entertainment.
Bob: Oh look it's Russell Howard and he's constantly refreshing the page on Urban Dictionary and voting this definition down.

Jim: Oh is he that really gay comedian? I heard that his family wrote all the 'good' definitions about him.

Russell Howard: I'M NOT LOOKING AT OBAMA'S PIECE OF PORK! but I am common slime.
by IHateModernWarfare2 August 20, 2010

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