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An incredibly lesbianic pixel hotel that makes the comics from explosm.net look like works of art. The people will scream "OMFG N0000B" at you if ya don't pay freaking real life money for shitty extra pixels where you get "awesome new FAKE clothes FAKE rewards FAKE friends FAKE furniture".
DO NOT BUY THIS INCREDIBLY RETARDED GAME. Because it will suck you in and make you pay about $50 minimum to get virtual crap before you realize that Habbo is a waste of oxygen and regret ever LOOKING at the website link.
You do beauty competitions (nowadays if you make your habbo really ugly you win), mafias (wiggas with black beanies ranting lines from Soulja Boy), gay bars (lie, full of straight people pretending to be bisexuals by wearing pink turbans) and finally, HC parties that are actually full of geeky nerds who think they are cool by waving a pixelated hand in the air.
Believe me I added an HC dude on msn and WAS HE EVER FUCK UGLY I BLOCKED HIM IMMEDIATELY
This was my first conversation on Habbo Hotel:
Me(pretending to be a whore):Haii there
Loser: Hey wanna jack off
Me:Sure lets go to ur room
Loser:*shows to room*
The room is empty except for a gaybo pink bed.
Loser:Yee what r u wearing in rl??somfin smexii??
by IHateHabbo January 24, 2008
Emos are like annoying little insects that you swat and they come back again, only much worse.
You see emo gay guys making out on SIMS.
You see 3/4 of the Youtube video population containing retarded slide shows on gay emo dudes, again kissing eachother or proposing to eachother.
You go to every single local show and there will be a pit containing emo girls who apparently think that they are on So You Think You Can Dance.
You go to every single dark depressing corner of the mall and you see emo children eating happy meals and snow cones.
You go to Kmart and Walmart and you see ten year old emo kiddies buying sour straps with their mommies whilst having THREE holes in each ear pierced. At that age already.
You go to the delivery sections of supermarkets and bus stops and see emo guys slouching together pretending they are depressed with this world, when really they are craning their necks trying to see if you are looking how in touch with their feelings they are whilst blowing half of their hair off their face without much success.
And, finally, you will see them the most falling on their fat arses in skating rinks.
Or, you could just go to local parks and watch two emo guys giggle together then pull a serious face once someone walks by to maintain their reputation. It's very entertaining.
This is a real example of a so called "tough" emo kid on my street.

*I'm walking to the Food Court in a mall and spot an emo dude I know*
Him: *sitting looking supposedly sensitive yet passive in his black wigga hoodie* Hi.
*he quickly puts something behind his back*
Me:Yo what's that behind ur back
Me: K bye *starts to walk off*
*I quickly look back and see that he is holding a Happy Meal in one hand and the Happy Meal toy in the other*

I will not even mention his AGE as it will probably embarrass him.
by IHateHabbo January 24, 2008
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