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To have natural talent at sniping on Xbox games, Particularly HALO 3 and COD4.
Short attention span and low tolerance to being beaten. Can't seem to be able to accept that people are better than a stooperstar.
Extremely talkative about many random subjects, which can be totally irrelevant to the conversation at hand.
According to some folk is also Jewish but is really agnostic.
Extremely indecisive, short tempered, doesn't listen BUT knows best. "apparently".
While playing Custom snipes....
Rayfield75:"who is this MF who keeps no scoping me?"
SMITHYaus: "It's a Stooperstar"
Rayfield75:"Still I'm beating him"
Stooperstar: "You stupid MF die, die! oh and chicken chippeess taste great!"
Stooperstar:"I'm bored of this, lets go play ninjaball"
SMITHYaus: "we've only been playing this five minutes, GOD!"

In a random conversation.....
rayfield75:"so hows about that footy last night ey?"
SMITHYaus: "Shutup they cheated"
Chuckles: "they so didn't"
SMITHYaus: "They should've lost"
J: "Scientology is the new catholic church"
Rayfield75: "Melbourne are the best!"
SMITHYaus: "pfft as if"
J: "Well aren't you going to join Scientology, I'm not though"
Rayfield75: "J, you're such a Stooperstar"
by IEXORCIST October 05, 2009
Poor excuse for a program, struggles stay up longer than 45 seconds.


A useless and meaningless waste of money.

Supposedly a programming program meant to be similar to Visual Basic, as such it fails. Also designed by MAC people for MAC's, also fails. Refuses to work on such stable systems such as a PC. Therefore EPIC FAIL!

Picks and chooses where & when it likes to work.

Teaches people to save work as unknown crashes happen OFTEN!

MADE IN CHINA, OBVIOUSLY of low asian quality yet again.

Extremely good at creating encrypted files, Corrupts them beyond repair and then cannot even recognize the file itself!

For working code programs please use visualbasic as you will find out that REALbasic falls into the useless crap department.

Rather than using REALbasic why not try doing nothing instead. It's much more entertaining.
To be typing code and suddenly have desktop appear.
Likes to disappear and use illogical operators in code.

Smivvy: "Now to build and test my game"

Realbasic: "Computer says no...." REALbasic then proceeds to crash for the 101st time today...
Smivvy: "Ah S&^% not again!"
Smivvy: "good thing I saved it"
Smivvy: "bloody MAC crud"
by IEXORCIST October 06, 2009

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