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FTS - For The Sex (adj.) ~ A complement on a specific action that one person says to another

FTS must be used as an entire sentence.

FTS can, and most likely will, be followed by some sort of celebration: a high-five, a "pound-it", or a slap on the ass

1. Hellz yeah!
2. Dude, thats so awsome!

Synonyms - FTW (For The Win)

Antonyms - FTF (For The Fail)
Person 1: Dude, how'd you do on your Physics final?
Person 2: Dude, I passed that shit, no doubt
Person 1: FTS

This is how it CAN NOT be used
Person 1. Dude, you going to the party next week?
Person 2. Yeah. I go for the food, but I'll stay FTS
by IDontWantThatPony May 18, 2009

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