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Attempting to leave Yale University for summer vacation. The three months apart from said institution is known to drive naive quitters insane, until they inevitably relapse around late August. Side effects of quitting Yale cold turkey include extreme boredom, Forever Alone, Sad Frog face, sobriety, and reassimilation into mainstream society.
Concerned mother: It's my 19 year old's first time quitting Yale cold turkey. He's two months in but he's stopped eating.

Another mother: My son failed a class so he could retake it over the summer.

Concerned mother: My son never thought of that!
by IDlOT August 17, 2011
A REALLY big fucking deal. For when a "big fucking deal" doesn't quite capture the magnitude of the pressing matter at hand.
Senior 1: Dude secondary school reports for college apps are due tomorrow.

Senior 2: BFD
Senior 3: It's a RBFD...
by IDlOT September 30, 2009

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