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The seemingly random and pointless destruction of two or more objects/places/beings within the same hour.
When she broke my other coffee table two minute after breaking the first one, I thought this "boy, this girl has a real tendency towards syncronosationalyingtonsilliussodususlyasation"
by ICE2008 December 15, 2008
1) A sister from another mister
2) One of greatest friends possible
3) Pretty hot, but not as hot as Iain :P
5) Little Miss Giggles
6) Queen of the Fairies
7) (Brooking) To masturbate :P
Unlike Iain, Brooke is not too cool for an example :P (i'm so mean!(

1) Hey Brooke!
2) You're a real Brooke
3) Whoa! Did you see that brooke back there?!
4) Not applicable to specific example
5) " "
6) The Brooke used her magical powers to make on of the best parties ever
7) Brooke cannot stop brooking herself
by ICE2008 December 15, 2008

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