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An abbreviation for "Fucking Disco Stick Rider". Though the origins are ambiguous, the term may have taken root as a bastardization of a line from Lady Gaga's contemporary hit "Love Game". The pejorative declaration indicates a contempt for its recipient. Although the term is often applied to males it does not necessarily equate to an accusation of homosexuality, like the oft used "fag" in American-English lexicon, the phrase performs as an overly generalized insult readily applicable to a myriad of situations and contexts.
A: "Ezekiel forgot to pick me up from the train station so I was forced to huddle together with street people for warmth."
B: "What blatant neglect for a friend. Sounds like an FDSR to me."
by ICARUS1 January 07, 2010
The result of punting various objects into the stratosphere with the objective of landing them onto a random roof or other usually unreachable space. Intoxication leads to a greater frequency of attempts, often with diminishing accuracy.
Friend 1 after launching an empty water bottle onto the roof of a local elementary school: I just took that to the tip-top cafe.
Friend 2: Sweet. Let's go listen to the new album "Parakeet Room".
by ICARUS1 December 09, 2009
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