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1 definition by IB+CB

the most loving caring girl you will ever meet. but unless you treat her right you will never get to experience the great feelings and personality that lies within. she is very cute, hot and addorible :") alittle bit un selfconfident bout her looks but always has a friend there to make her feel loved and wanted. once you fall in love with a girl like her and know she feels exactly the same for you, it clicks in your mind and heart that she is the the one that you want to spend the rest of your days with nothing will tear us apart<3 we may have our disaggrements but as i like to say,
"nobody wants pain, everyone wants peace, but you can't have a rainbow without alittle rain"
i love you carrie F&A 6.29.11
who i just described is my one and only love and i will never lose her. when she fell for me i was there to catch her, and i promised to keep her big loving heart safe <3 i will never let her slip through my fingers. I love you Carrie F&A 6.29.11
by IB+CB September 17, 2011