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1 definition by IAmsoscoool

A town On the Island of Cape Cod in the State of Massachusetts which is in the United States Of America. It has 7 villages
1) Pleasant Lake - You have Massachusetts route 124 here and alot of people dont really know much about this village

2) Harwich Center - This area has alot of History Buildings in fact its a Historic Distrcit
3) Harwich Port - This is a very Crowded area its also very vibrant with Culture and but recently theres been a Increasement in Violence
4) West Harwich - Overpopulated area with many buidings here it is On Massachusetts Route 28
5) East Harwich - "The Unfair neighboorhood" with to many people who think Route 39 is the biggest Highway ever

6) South Harwich - There arent alot of things here but Red River beach
7) North Harwich - A area of intrest by builders around Cape Cod and many new houses here
I live in Harwich and i admit there is quite a bit of drama in are schools!
by IAmsoscoool February 20, 2011