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The act of raising your hand in a high five fashion to a stupid person but accompanied by the phrase: Gimme 6!" instead of : "Gimme 5!"
A 'Gimme 6' is a subtle and clever way of insinuating that someone you dislike is an inbred, without actually saying: "You're an inbred!"

If the inbred becomes suspicious, you can easily feign innonence and worm your way out of it by counting: "one, two, three, four, five." fingers one hand, then: "ten, nine, eight, seven, SIX!" on the other, then saying: "See? SIX!" Because they are an inbred they will buy it.

This works on their hand as well as yours.

by IAmRubytuesday February 18, 2009
The act of tricking an annoying person mid-high five by making a fist and connecting with their nose instead of their awaiting hand and making it look like an accident.

A High Bunch of Five is a response to someone who constantly raises their hand in your face in anticipation of a high-five and gushes metaphorically: "Gosh - aren't i brilliant and clever?"

Should be followed with a remorsful looking 'Whoops! How did that happen?' expression.

by IAmRubytuesday February 18, 2009
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