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1. Filipinos are citizens that originate from the Philippines, an archipelago part of the Polynesian/Pacific Islands. The Aboriginals were primarily subjugated by the Spanish and Americans (as well as numerous others) for centuries resulting in a mixed race similar to how modern day Mexicans (Mestizos) are today. They have little in common with the East Asian races such as Chinese, Japanese, or Koreans in terms of language and culture and identify themselves more with American culture. However they can often be found in these countries working as prostitutes or maids/nurses and sending money back to their families not unlike Filipino migrants in America.

2. Filipino-American descendants are often confused of their national heritage. This can be summed up into three groups. The first group is that of the urban/hip-hop cultures. Here they dress like African-American rap/movie stars and attempt to adopt an African-American culture. The second group is those who claim to be Asian. These confused individuals are often the loudest to cry “Asian Pride,” when no other Asian groups would do so, in an attempt to force people into thinking that they are Asian. The third group is Homosexuals. The Filipino family has a strong matriarchal leadership; this means that the males are often the weaker of the two sexes. Curiously, a large amount of male Filipinos are gay as evidenced in West Hollywood and the rest of the United States, where Filipino populations are greater.

3. Filipinos love money. They will marry anyone or do anything (including selling their own kids into prostitution) as long as they can get rich. Then they take that money and send it back to their families in their THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. This allows their families to build houses out of bricks instead of mud and sticks. It also helps them support their huge families, as a typical Filipino family will have several children but not necessarily from the same father/mother.

4. Filipinos are devoutly Catholic as evidenced by their celebrations. They do not follow Eastern philosophies or religions (such as Buddhism or Taoism), instead adhering to what they learned from their Spanish conquerors. The Filipino language also borrows heavily from Spanish and English. For example “Hello” is “Hola” “Money” is “Peso.”
Is that person Mexican? No s/he is Filipino. That's interesting, why do they have Hispanic last names?

So what does s/he do? S/he is a nurse. Oh, I could have guessed that, s/he is Filipino afterall.

by IAMFLIP November 26, 2008

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