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1 definition by IAMBETTERTHANYE

A school that is apprantly jealous of USC and has whole bunch of students over here giving thumbs up and down because they don't have anything else to do I'm guessing?

A school that can't hate on Berkeley instead because they know they lose. So they are hating on USC because they are about to take over their place.

UCLA says USC makes people make too much in tution but guess what guys? UCLA's just as expensive as USC for OOS so it sucks for me either way. And besides, least USC's paying for 40K of it. Good luck relying on poor cali government for your tuition. You most likely won't get crap. ^_^

I'm one of those new freshmans you guys are talking about @ USC and I didn't even bother to apply to UCLA because I know they suck (and also because their application date was in november.. wtf)
You can't spell ruin without bruin ^_^

Least USC TROJANMAN gets some action. I rather be a condom than a UCLA's nonexistant bear like animal of some sort that nobody ever sees. Whereelse would you be called a Trojanman? And besides Brad Pitt was a trojan man in Troy and he did both Angelina Jolie and Jenifer Aniston.. Be jealous UCLA that you can't be a Trojan man.
by IAMBETTERTHANYE July 03, 2006