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The boner that results from actually imgaining all the crazy sexual shit on this website.
Bro 1 "Dude what's with the jizz all over the computer?"

Bro 2 "I got an urban stiffy while on Urb Dic. The cleveland steamer did it for me, I had to jack off right onto my keyboard."

Mother "Seriously?! Again?!"
by I8outurm0m August 28, 2010
The act of spotting a fine-ass'd chick (optional guy if ur a homo) who is preferably wearing a skirt and sneaking up behind them, taking a huge ass wind up, and shoving your fist up their anus as far as it will possibly go. If you make it to the mid forearm, you have achieved a Falcon Punch. Oh yea, dont forget to scream FALCON PUNCH!
Man "hehe..."

Woman "Wah?" (as she looks around)


Woman "OHHHH!! Farther!!"

Man "I knew you'd like it."
by I8outurm0m August 28, 2010
The cruel word associated with having hot dirty sex with family - like your sister and her fine ass. It's wrong mostly everywhere eventhough the bible fucking said that all human life decended from two sibling fucking away. God dammit.
Brother "Gigitty gigitty gigitty gigitty let's have sex."

Sister "Sure!"

Mother "Only if you guys won't tell, cuz that's incest."
by I8outurm0m August 28, 2010
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