1 definition by I.L.M.D

The most beautiful girl in the world, she is perfect in every way, she doesnt mind when you tell her you love her even if she doesn't love you because she respects you, she doesnt mind you looking at her either which is why it's often easy to look deep into her eyes and never want to stop, her smile is amazing and is enough to warm up the hearts of everyone in the room, if your lucky enough to get close enough to her she'll trust you with everything just as you can trust her she may break your heart but with extremely good reason and if you hurt her all she asks is that you say sorry face to face she has amazing friends and is the most intelligent, vivacious, inspiring and beautiful girl in the world and to be honest the list could go on, treat the megan you know with respect and it will pay off :)
Megan... The girl who used to love me..
by I.L.M.D November 19, 2010

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