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A fact Rape is when someone owns(rapes) someone else with a fact.
Thomas and Zaccary were having a conversation on the 2011 elections.

Thomas: Stephen Harper isn't a good prime minister.

Zaccary:Oh yeah, did you know that he lowered the GST by 2% since he was in power?

Some little douchebag in the class:OOOhhhh,you just got fact raped...BITCH!
by I go here in info at school May 01, 2011
When you take your middle finger and make it into a bump and jam it up someones asshole
Dude, i rhino raped Jeremie so hard, he started crying.

I am now putting polysporin in my ass because i got rhino raped so hard yesterday.
by I go here in info at school October 14, 2010

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