4 definitions by I fell and then i forgot and then i thought. IM SAM S YOYO !!! yo?

A place to write stuff.. alot like deadjournal, livejournal, diaryland, diaryx, mydiary, etc.

1. They write about why they're life is so horrible.
2. Write reminders.
3. Write poems.
4. Lie about social life.
5. Everything they did in detail.
6. Pretend they had a bf/gf and brag.
7. Brag.
1. I want to die. I hate my self. I cut myself. I pretend to be gothic.
2. Remember to go to the dentist next month.
3. I saw a cow, i don't know how, then i said wow, im a cow.
4. Im so popular i made out with jack hes so hot and popular.
5. First i got up. I pulled the sheets from my body. I then put on some slippers. I walked in to the bathroom and peered at the tile. I sat down on an ivory chair and relieved myself. Wiping my bottem with my hand and flushing to toilet.
6. OMFG i went out with john/jane and i totally went all the way!
7. i got my hair dyed blue and you didn't and i live in a mansion and you don't. hahahahahahahaa
1. A less mean way of calling someone a ho. see hobag
2. Someone who flirts alot but acts sorta "gay" . see fagolicious
3. A chocolate snack with creamy vanilla-y stuff in the middle.
4. A prostitute on the street that doesn't get nuthin.
1. Your such a hoho sally.
2. Name1: your so hot i love you hahaaha your so cute.
Name2: really?
Name1: omg yeah
Name2: you hoho.
3. MMmmm... hoho's are good, but not healthy.
4. BigdaddyPimp doesn't even wanna get it on with sally and he is an ugly fat man pimp.
One of those strange chocolate bar things usually found at gastations or dollar stores.
I bought a Zagnut bar from the Textaco and it tasted strange.
1. That little guy with the orange hair from the show Invader Zim. 2. Also is a part of marajuana.
1. My name is Keef, The little guy from Invader Zim.
2. Yo dude I tottally smoked some keeeeeeeeef

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