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When an unhappy person flings a ball of shit at you.
Hey Kayla watch out ! That man over there is tossing pooballs!
by I feel beasty June 17, 2009
a person, usually a nurse who excels at speedy dingleberry removal. This term is reservered for those with years of experience. At times the dingleberry is picked off an ass and flicked at a coworker for entertainment.
Molly is the best dingleberry slinger in town!! She removed over 200 dingleberries in under five minutes! Unfortunately she flicked them at me!
by I feel beasty June 20, 2009
One who paints with poo, usually from their own ass. It involves both the liquid and solid forms of shit. Frequently occuring in hospitals and nursing homes. A bitch to clean up.
Hey Molly, can you help me clean Mr Jones up? He has created a picasopalooza!
by I feel Beasty June 16, 2009
when a portuguese person and a jewish person have a bumping of the uglies,( they fuck. )
Hey Guys can you see that! There's a gee and a jew fucking in the back of that truck, geejewuck! Somebody quick take pictures!
by i feel beasty July 11, 2009
When your teenager acts like such a friggin turd.
My kid has been in so much trouble he's such a turdteen!
by i feel beasty January 08, 2010
a red mark left on the ass after a dingleberry is removed.
Once I cleaned off all the dingleberries there were dingleberry abrasions left on my ass!
by I feel Beasty June 15, 2009
When a portuguese man and a jewish woman get married. the bride is now known as a geejew.
Amy is marrying a gee, she always wanted to be a geejew.
by i feel beasty July 11, 2009

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