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7 definitions by I feel Beasty

When an unhappy person flings a ball of shit at you.
Hey Kayla watch out ! That man over there is tossing pooballs!
by I feel beasty June 17, 2009
6 1
a person, usually a nurse who excels at speedy dingleberry removal. This term is reservered for those with years of experience. At times the dingleberry is picked off an ass and flicked at a coworker for entertainment.
Molly is the best dingleberry slinger in town!! She removed over 200 dingleberries in under five minutes! Unfortunately she flicked them at me!
by I feel beasty June 20, 2009
4 1
One who paints with poo, usually from their own ass. It involves both the liquid and solid forms of shit. Frequently occuring in hospitals and nursing homes. A bitch to clean up.
Hey Molly, can you help me clean Mr Jones up? He has created a picasopalooza!
by I feel Beasty June 16, 2009
3 0
when a portuguese person and a jewish person have a bumping of the uglies,( they fuck. )
Hey Guys can you see that! There's a gee and a jew fucking in the back of that truck, geejewuck! Somebody quick take pictures!
by i feel beasty July 11, 2009
5 3
When your teenager acts like such a friggin turd.
My kid has been in so much trouble he's such a turdteen!
by i feel beasty January 08, 2010
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a red mark left on the ass after a dingleberry is removed.
Once I cleaned off all the dingleberries there were dingleberry abrasions left on my ass!
by I feel Beasty June 15, 2009
6 5
When a portuguese man and a jewish woman get married. the bride is now known as a geejew.
Amy is marrying a gee, she always wanted to be a geejew.
by i feel beasty July 11, 2009
4 6