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Extremely gorgeous girl, very competitive. She is the jealous type. Do not overdo her or she will destroy you. She loves to try new things. She loves watching sports, and playing sports. Hates anything too "girly" She will make a very loyal and loving girlfriend. Aneela does not care about what others think about her, and she is not afraid to tell you off at anytime. She is a strong girl and is willing to speak up for herself and her friends. If you ever make her angry, you will be living in regret because she does not forgive people easily. She is hard to get, but once you've got her, she is a keeper. Once you've lost her, she's gone forever.
Friend 1: woooah is that Aneela?
Friend 2: better stay away from her, shes mine.
by I cen fek u up May 25, 2013

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