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A clusterfuck can happen in real life, but mostly, the term is used to describe an online situation in which a singular person is attacked by a group of hostile individuals, and flamed till brown & crisp. Generally, this event occurs on forums, in chatrooms & on Usenet; basically, anywhere people congregate online, to discuss various topics. Potential victims of a clusterfuck include (but are certainly not limited to):

* A clueless noob
* A troll that has outworn it's welcome
* Anybody with ideas & opinions that contrast greatly with those held by the majority of the other chatters/posters.
* Individuals who demonstrate really bad spelling and/or grammar.
* The only white/black/hispanic/etc.. in an all white/black/hispanic/etc.. forum, chatroom, or newsgroup that holds racist views.
* A Homosexual amongst heterosexuals, and vice-versa.
* A man/woman amongst radical feminists/misogynists.
* Post whores.
* People who are just generally annoying & bothersome.
* Anarchists.
* Emo kids.
* Bible thumpers.
* Felons.
* Pedophiles.
* Anybody who supports PETA.
* The mentally ill.
* Fat people.
* Trailer trash.
* People who just smell "different".

Similar terms: gang rape, swarm, group effort, target practice.
When Jill called the moderator a "son of a bitch", she was clusterfucked by nearly half of the members of RPG4Losers.com.

Dave was clusterfucked in the Nazi chatroom, after confessing his love for other men.

Nancy has PTSD, thanks to a massive clusterfuck, administered by a group of vicious masculists.
by I am no one August 31, 2007
A group of obese, ugly or otherwise undesirable men, who loathe women with a passion, because they cannot get laid. They cook-up kooky conspiracy theories on the newsgroup soc.men, and basically do everything in their power to utterly repel the opposite sex.
Masculists are damaged goods.

Whatever you do, stay away from smelly Tom; he's a homeless bum with a bad case of dick drips & oh yeah, he's one of those nutball Masculists.

I don't think Masculists really want to change diapers; they're faking.
by I am no one September 01, 2007
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