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Lindy: Name of a person who is slightly shy but shouldn't be because she is so awesome. Super funny, is way more beautiful than she realizes, and everyone would love her if she'd let them. IE: A girl who is too modest and would have plenty of friends if she'd open herself up.
"She is so modest and gorgeous too! A total Lindy!"
by I Found Nemo January 20, 2013
A person who is outgoing, friendly, smart, and hilarious. Hannahs are super giggly and bubbly, but totally deny it.
And often have awesome curves and are blonde. They make fantastic best friends and are good listeners. All the guys love Hannahs.
"Dude, she is so Hannah"
"Hannah is so awesome"
"I wish I could be more like Hannah."
"Hannah is bootylicious."
by I Found Nemo January 20, 2013

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