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An act of God through modern science and medical technology allowing two normal breast to be merged together to form one large "super boob"
You need to find yer'self a woman with one super boob so ya can slap it back n' forth with yer good arm.
by I Cup In January 10, 2006
The breast of a woman mimic the shape and curvature of a bananna; this is usually found among primative cultures lacking bra technology.
Dude her bananna titties sag like fried eggs nailed to the wall!
by I Cup In January 10, 2006
A. When a monkey spuges on the shower to re do the caulking.

B. High velocity, clumpy male ejaculation after prolonged periods of penis disuse.

C. When you can't jack off unless a girl is making monkey noises.

D. Bananna Flavored Cum
When you run out of caulk all you have is monkey spakle.
by I Cup In January 10, 2006
Dried Jizz between a whores legs
Before I can where those shorts I have to chip off the spakle.
by I Cup In January 10, 2006
Another word for asshole, usually referring to the female's.

Todd once told me he likes to lick the dink dink, but doesn't like the shity taste in the morning.
by I Cup In January 10, 2006

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