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For a personge to be alright, good, and fair dinkim. Irish In origin.
He might act like a bollox, but he's sound out really.
by I AM D July 28, 2007
When one holds their hands in the half-way point between fully extended arms in front of the body (as zombies are known to do when they walk) and close to their head. The hands are then turned in a clock-wise to anti-clockwise motion, turnig only about fifteen or twenty degrees in either direction, while one says the phrase; "Jaaazzz Zombies!"
Not to be confused with jazz singers, musicians, and enthuaists who have become zombies.
Person 1: Jazz Zombies!
Person 2: What the hell are you doing?
by I AM D July 28, 2007
To be good and true, and true-blue. Australian in origin.
Oi, thats fair dinkim, mate
by I AM D July 28, 2007
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