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A ghetto woman with a loud personality and who reacts to things explosively. She's either REALLY happy and excited, or REALLY mad and violent. Shenaynay enjoys being Shenaynay. She's very dramatic and wears cheap clothes. Her eating habits are questionable.
Person: "Hey Shenaynay, whats up?"

Shenaynay: "Bitch who you thing you are up in my business?!"

person: (back away)
by I'mScaredOfGhettoChicks December 25, 2009
Seems to mean that you've done bad, when you hear this it is likely from the mouth of a very ghetto woman. Regardless of whether or not you can tell the gender of the creature, run. If you are within grabbing distance, Run faster.

They can smell fear.
Ghetto chick(?): "Im funna beat some niggas face on yo mommas ass!"

You: "I'm soooorrrryyy!" (crying)

Ghetto chick beats you down.
by I'mScaredOfGhettoChicks December 25, 2009

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