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The only normal state left in this country.

We do have: running water, electricity, water, metal structures, cars, things to do, room, breathable air, and beer. And the nicest damn people you'll ever meet.

We don't have: real gangsters (Natives caught with cigarettes and sent to YCC don't count), a high crime rate, homeless people on every other block, bad traffic.

Nodak is also quite possibly the best place to underage drink in the US...#1 son (google it and check some statistics).

North Dakota is NOT full of hicks. Nor hillbillies. Nor rednecks. Just normal people. And normal people like fast cars, big trucks, and everything with wheels. We play video games, go to the mall, go to concerts, watch movies, and listen to loud music, just like other people. There is plenty to do, as long as you aren't a lazy ass about it and expect entertainment to just be handed to you constantly.

Oh yea, the weather is really unpredictable, so you can't be a bitch about it.
Conversation amongst North Dakota teens:
#1: "Hey man, what are you gonna do this weekend?"

#2: "Well, Friday I'm either going to a show or the movies, then Saturday I'm gonna go get my booze in Bismarck and party at XYZ's house."

#1: "Sweet, I'm goin' down there Saturday too. Need to find a buyer yet, though."

#3: "Here, I'll give you my sister's number, she'll get whatever you want as long as you pay."

#1: "Aight, thanks. You guys wanna come play some CoD4 tonight after school?"

#2: "Chyea, that game's tits."

#3: "Fuck yea, let's do it! Ima pwn your asses."
by I<3the701 April 10, 2009

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