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2 definitions by I<3Spock

An awesome band from Denver, Colorado. The members are Isaac Slade (lead vocals, piano, guitar), Joe King (back up vocals, guitar), Dave Welsh (guitar), Ben Wysocki (drums, percussion) and the unofficial member, Dan Lavery (Bass). Their music is catchy but not in an annoying pop song sorta way and their song lyrics are meaningful. The Fray are also AMAZING live. Their most popular songs are:

How To Save A Life
Over My Head (Cable Car)
You Found Me
Never Say Never

and if those are the only songs you've heard from then you haven't really given them a chance.
The Fray are so talented.
by I<3Spock June 20, 2009
To dance like a crazy person like Josh Ramsay in a public place. This term comes from th popular song 'Shaketramp' by an awesome Canadian band called Marianas Trench. To Skaketramp you first make sure you are in public, then you swing your arms and kick one leg at a time as high as you can.
"I shaketramped through the park last night."
by I<3Spock June 20, 2009