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a fucking ass ghetto city in which if you're looking to bore yourself to death, go to richmond, va!! it's really cold sometimes and then sometimes its really hot! basically, you should never go to richmond, if you aren't an insanely rich blue blood prep, a drug dealer, a freaky horse girl,or a fastass redneck!!
girl 1:"Hey, I'm bored!"
girl 2:"Yeah me too! Let's go to downtown Richmond and hang out!"
girl 1: "Great idea! Let's go get raped and then we can go smoke pot with some rich preppy St. Christopher's boys!"
girl 2: "Or we could go hang out at Bass Pro and go home with a sexy ass redneck!!"
girl 1: "No, let's go ride those horses out in Goochland!"
girl 2: "Yeah bitch! i love Richmond! So much to do!"
by I<3HATINGRICHMOND January 11, 2011
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