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This is what many fuckups (I'm sorry... Bam fans) call the "heartagram", as they think he designed it and blah blah blah. When in fact, ville valo of HIM is the one who came up with the whole idea long before Bam ever came around.
Fuckup: "whoah dude! look at the totally awesome bamagram i just got tatooed to my left nipple!"

HIM fan: "you need to die."
by I Hate Bam August 01, 2004
Just because a person listens to HIM does not make them a "bamtard". there are those of us out there who like HIM and cannot stand the stupid fuckup Ville Valo hangs out with.

in short, it's a combination of "bam" and "retard"... making a "bamtard" somebody who is stupid (retarded) enough to like bam. can also be somebody who freakishly obsessed in the teenybopper form.
Bamtard is such a stupid word.
by I Hate Bam August 01, 2004
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