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A hat formed out of some sort of friend corn product into a sombrero shape and the crown shaped like a bowl, filled with melted nacho cheese. Pieces of the hat are broken off, dipped in it's own cheese and consumed until hat and cheese is completely gone.
In “Homer Loves Flanders” (1F14), Homer becomes attached to his neighbor Ned Flanders, whom he normally hates, after Ned brings him to a local football game and buys him a "nacho hat" --a giant nacho shaped like a sombrero and filled with some sort of dipping sauce at the top.
by Hyperbaria December 20, 2005
From Seinfeld episode 3.11 "The Alternate Side". It was Kramer's line in a fictional Woody Allen movie and he kept saying it over and over in different ways.

It's doesn't mean anything other than what it says.
These pretzels are making me thirsty
by Hyperbaria December 23, 2005

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