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1 definition by HyperMetal

Metal bands who put positive Christian references in their music. Such as, Demon Hunter, Disciple, As I Lay Dying, underOATH, Zao, and The Devil Wears Prada. Bands like, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir and Mudvayne, are not White Metal, Slayer expressly hate the Christian faith, and Dimmu Borgir is a Satanic BLACK Metal Band, most of their music consisting of references to Satan, black magic, pentacles, sacrafices etc. Bands like Evanescence, although, claiming to be Christian people are not a Christian band.. for they do not hold uplifting music or talk about God, but otherwise cause people to cut themselves to their music.
Rocker 1: "Dude, I LOVE white metal!!"

Rocker 2: "No way! What is your favorite white metal band!"

Rocker 1: "Dimmu Borgir!! I can only understand a bit of their music, but I know its Christian!!"

Rocker 2: ".... was that before Death Cult Armageddon, or after Sorgens Kammer? (lamely translated to Satan's Hammer)"
by HyperMetal May 03, 2007