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bullshit, nonsense or anythign that seems needless, longwinded or hard to understand
"They wnat us to fill out an application? What sort of chutiyapa is this?"
"I hate this professor's class. It is just so full of chutiyapa."
by Hyderabadi Punter July 29, 2003
Hindustani for testicles. Singular "tuttah"
"Tutay kitne bhi baday hoin, rahenge land key neechey hie" (Old Hindustani proverb meaning: "No matter how big the balls get, they will have to remain under the dick".
by Hyderabadi Punter July 29, 2003
slang for pubic hair
"Humko kya sikha reh? Tumko to abhi jhand bhi nahin aya." (Translation: who are you to lecture me when you are yourself yet to sprout pubic hair).
by Hyderabadi Punter July 29, 2003

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