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A Scandinavian name given to anyone who, for sure, will/is awesome. Nils is based on a Saint. Saint Nicholas. Who most of you know as Santa Claus. He brings presents to us every year so this is why we honor someone with the name Nils because he will be like Santa.
Mom: Wow. We should really name him Nils.

Dad: Why?

Mom: He just looks so Super Awesome.
by Huskyboy132 April 13, 2009
Female name consisting of the names Anna and Lea. Originally the name comes from Wisconsin. Annalea is usually used on an only child who gets a lot of attention. Parents mostly decide on his name when they have enough money to be able to spoil the child with presents.
Girl #1: OMG! Thats Annalea!

Girl #2: Ugh! Im so jealous!

Girl #1: Yeah me too...

Girl #1 & Girl #2: *Sigh...*
by Huskyboy132 August 28, 2009

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