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Basically a beaner is a person from Mexico, who hopped the boarder, to get freedom. Well that’s what they are getting. From us citizens, we pay for their food, their cloths. They usually can’t keep their legs closed, like a 7 Eleven open 24 hours a day. Then they pop out kids, one after another, faster than a pitching machine can pitch. Then we end up paying child support, because the husband hopped the fence faster than he did the fist time he came here and left the mother of his child, and unfortunately the poor child. That’s not all folks. Then the child grows up without a father and causes so much trouble, which the government pays from our tax money to keep them locked up. It’s not all negative, I can think of many positive they do for our society. They sell drugs making economy a little better. Imagine 1 mother with 8 or 9 kids. 8 or 9 kids sell drugs. Imagine 100 mothers, that’s like 800 or 900 kids making the economy better. What other positive? Hmmm, I guess that’s the only positive. Oh I almost forgot they mow my lawn so good, and they sell the best oranges. But I can’t always stop on the freeway off ramps they should try a better place.
I’m tired of the U.S razing the TAX because they need to support more beaners.
by Hurtado August 08, 2005

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