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4 definitions by Hurk

"For the lose" or "For the loss". Obviously, the opposite of 4TW (For the win).
I tried to fart, but a liquid came out 4TL.

She blocked me, 4TL.
by Hurk January 20, 2006
Originated by the word "send" but simply missed the s and hit the x and thus a new word is born.

1) To send something.

2) The l337 version of send
1) Can you xend me that pic?

2) Xend now MoFo!
by Hurk January 15, 2005
A sister phrase to the oh-so popular demand of "Get Lost", but having the cool, slick style of Shaft. Can you dig it?
Punk Kid: "Hey, you're Mom is sooo..."


Cool Kid: "Jet it."
by Hurk February 05, 2006
To be fucked, literally or not. Coming from the non-swearing form of fucked. F'ed which translates into the word "eft"
Dude1: I drank 53 shots of Inferno Vodka last night.
Dude2: DUDE?!!
Dude1: My anus is eft today.
by Hurk June 28, 2006