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Irondequoit is a small town residing between the city of Rochester, NY and Lake Ontario. It is divided into two school districts(East, and West), but is governed collectively. East Irondequoit is full of criminals, white trash, wiggers, and wanna be Tony Montana types! A high school full of losers who think they are hot shit only because they haven't yet realized they've already reached their full potential and will be ringing up groceries at Wegmans for the rest of their lives! West Irondequoit is only slightly better because the little shits that attend that school will probably make something of themselves. But not before enduring years of drug abuse! They smoke tons of weed, take lots of acid, and party in the woods like the bunch of little hippies they are. All in all the town blows! It's Rochester Jr. Shittiest suburb in the county.
Joe: Hey dude, after we're done smoking this joint, wanna go to that party I told you about?

Jim: Is it in West Irondequoit? Cause I cant handle partying with those crazy fuckers!

Joe: But i wanted to go dance around a keg in the woods and listen to Phish.

Jim: Let's go to East Irondequoit instead and drink 40's of Old English.
by HuntingInTheROC March 18, 2011

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