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1 definition by HungLo

1. A rape condom, like the ones being given out to women in parts of Africa, where rape is a problem. The condoms, which are inserted inside a woman's vagina before a rape, have barbed spikes on the inside, that will catch and tear up a man's penis as he attempts to insert it into the unwilling woman's vagina.

2. Also a friend or sibling who is keeping one from getting snatch (i.e. vagina,) because of their loserly or homosexual nature.
1. Dammit man! I went to Africa to rape some women, but the first bitch I came across had a snatch catch on her. Now I piss blood, and Im locked up in this smelly African Prison.

2. I saw some fine ass bitches, but I had my little snatch catch brother with me, so I didn't get any play.
by HungLo December 20, 2005
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