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The epitome of online Mercedes enthusiasm.
I love Mercedes...

Oh, so you're on BNZSport then!
by Humpty September 16, 2003
A tasty treat. One whos rubs male leg up and down as well as slaps cheek.

Often mistaken for Mexican, Philipino, Samoan, or Cherokee Indian
Are you baking cookies again?

No, I ran outta bsugar!

Oh, why don't you take some of this guy?

You mean the amigo?
by Humpty September 18, 2003
Put some mayonaise on the knuckle sandwich, shake hands with uncle dick
I was putting some mayonaise on my knuckle sandwich when my mom walked in
by Humpty August 17, 2003
Mahoonies, titties, boobs. Denniskaicheng style.
That girl has looooonnnnnggg....

Long what Dennis?

Long Sideburns!
by Humpty November 03, 2003
He's the man, he's COMAND, he's Teleaid, he's BNZSport.
by Humpty September 18, 2003
One of the most beautiful girls I have ever been graced to know...
I miss my Janie180
by Humpty September 18, 2003
Joint Young Adult Group. A group of Young Adult Christian believes in the bay area.
Let's go to JYAG!

We can check the times on www.jyag.org
by Humpty September 16, 2003

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