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Succeeding in doing something which would be extremely cool, but in fact doesn't work, which fact should be obvious.
"Imprint Time Walk on Isochron Scepter. Good game?"
"See, I get all the rest of the turns..."
"You win the prize. Good job."
by Hukuma Xpyweb September 04, 2004
In card games, to mise a card from the top of your deck, which then will win you the game, or have some other similarly large effect.
To open, esp. a pack of cards.
To obtain from a pack of cards.
What a rip! Wrath of God!
Wanna rip these packs, or save them for later?
I ripped an Arcbound Ravager the other day.
by Hukuma Xpyweb September 04, 2004

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