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Acronym for "Cute as Shit." Used by men while in the company of women to describe something that could be otherwise described as simply "cute."

This addition could be done in order to impress said women by appearing sensitive/discerning without losing qualities of manliness, or could be used in order to avoid appearing like a "pussy" or "fag" in front of other men. The acronym "C.A.S." is used elusively in extreme cases.

Emphasis in the phrase is often placed on "Shit," and may or may not be followed by a "high five" or a "dip snap" in customary bro-style gesturing, in order to mask the perceived "gayness" of the phrase.

Popular locations for this phrase are in shopping malls, pet adoption agencies, zoos, and other locations in which "cute" things may be found.
Colleen: "Ooooo I like those shoes, Carolina!"
Carolina: "Thanks! What do you think, Doug?"
Doug: "Yeah word, those shoes are cute as SHIT."

"Yo, that bunny rabbit is cute as SHIT" or "Yo, that dress is C.A.S.!"
by HugsyBeefpie June 26, 2011

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