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A person who believes he has talents, skills and/or intelligence he simply doesn't possess. Delusioniods frequently are immensely unskilled and often tragically bad at the pursuit they claim to master. A delusioniod will not accept criticism or reality. A delusioniod will spend more time berating and bullying his detractors than he will honing his craft. The largest concentration of delusioniods aspire to be singers and actors. There are no successful or famous delusioniods.
Ishtar is the best, worst movie ever made about delusioniods.
If Great Aunt Madeline really thinks anyone will pay her to strip, she is a total delusioniod.
#idiot #american idol #delusion #dumb shit #fool #singer #bore
by Hugh Jerrickson October 26, 2011
Stealthy and rapidly exiting a public restroom after plugging the toilet with a massive B.M.
Although I feel badly for the janitor, I had no choice but to cloggerhead hurdle out of the Macy's restroom, as there was no plunger available.
#flush #poop #clog #plunge #dump #bm #crap #crapper #overflow
by Hugh Jerrickson October 26, 2011
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