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For those not living in London this is basically a way of telling somebody to improve something of theirs, normally coupled with 'look sharp' after the song released by Dizzee Rasscal
Fix up, look sharp


Fix up your hair

etc etc
by Hugh Janus September 16, 2004
Opposite to 'Fix up' a saying bought to most people living out side London by Dizzee Rasscal. Mash up in London basically can be applied to anything that is broken/useless/shit
South West Trains should be called South West Mash Up Trains
by Hugh Janus September 16, 2004
An expression heard in numerous hip-hop songs, that refers to shooting someone numerous times, causing them to bleed so profusely that their shirt becomes soaked with blood.
"Step off, or I'm gonna wet yo shirt up"
by Hugh Janus February 10, 2005
like truant someone who skives of school to do work like plumbing, tiling and especially roofing
Look at that geezer hes a proper gretzer!
by Hugh Janus February 07, 2004
Someone who excells in the art of 'Lovelocking' paperwork, basically constantly looses important paperwork/important objects, espescially just before they are needed.
Have you got that sheet with the serial numbers on it for this kit John?
*10 mins later after evryone in the office is looking for it*
You've Fucking lovelocked it ain't you John.
by Hugh Janus September 08, 2004
A sweepstake on which well known gay celeb will die of AIDS
I won when Freddie Mercury came up
by Hugh Janus October 23, 2003
The term grunger came about from the Seattle led grunge scence and was applied to a person who was involved in said scence, the term is now applied to many teens who listen to a selection of bands which a prdomantly Metal/Rock/Punk who arn't into Heavy Metal/Rock/the co;our black enough to be goths but who dispise garage and their mortal enemies "Townies". Also to be a modern "Grunger" one needs to believe that Nirvana were the best band ever and that Kurt Cobain is god insted of the reality that they were a good band who are hevily overrated
Grunger 1: HAHAHA aren't Townies stupid
Grunger 2: Yes HAHAHA, Don't you think Nirvana are the most influential band ever
Grunger 1: Yes, now lets go and laugh at anyone who doesn't conform to our lifestyle
Grunger 2: Yes lets
by Hugh Janus September 11, 2004

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