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represents an object, generally an American muscle car like a Camaro or a Mustang, with great sex appeal. It's origin is in Latin America and the term is a Spanish/English mix. It translates as "panties down" implying girls willl eventually disrobe once in the car. It is known to be used in Panama, but does not seem common in Mexico. There are various web references and songs based on the term. Pussy magnet would be the equivalent term in American culture.
Car buyer: I want a hotrod, rough and fast, that the girls will dig.

Car salesman: You need to go with the a Camaro or Mustang, a musclecar that grabs attention and has the horspower to back it up. It's a baja panties.
by HuecoDoc June 05, 2010
The act of discovering social site features in a way that is embarassing to you or someone else.
You post a very personal message onto someone's facebook wall, not realizing it is public. You discover your faceoops too late, when you get responses from unintended recipients.
by Huecodoc May 27, 2010
a protective spirit or protective ghost, translated from German
"Don't those creepy walking sounds in your house at night scare you? I thnk you have a poltergeist!"

"No, it has been here a long time and I am sure it is my schutzgeist"
by HuecoDoc September 21, 2011

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