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Paul the rapist is a young man in his prime of his life but seems not to be getting any. So in order to releive his wrist of its daily duties of firing off a warm white coconut from his veiny love tree, he hits the streets for some action. Often girls ignore him because of his yellow shirt. But Paul is just one of those guys who doesnt take 'no' for an answer. Paul will butt-fuck anything he can sneak up on. His preference is girls his age but when he has extreme urges he will go anything. This list includes: puppies, kittens, lambs, old men, unborn fetus's and Greg.
Paul is a very naughty boy and should not be encouraged for his actions no matter how funny it is.
Example 1:
Daughter crying: Mum! Mum! it has happened again!! Oh why does this keep happening?!
Mother: Oh no, Paul the rapist didnt butt-fuck lassie again did he? When will that boy learn....

Example 2:
Old man 1: Why do you have such a limp? And why are you bleeding from your anus?
Old man 2: Paul the rapist hid in my shower again and pounced on me as soon as I was naked. The nerve of that lad, I hate him and his yellow shirt....
by Hsoj!!! August 25, 2009
A gravity invite is when someone is so excited to invite someone to their party, shin-dig or box-social, that they invite everyone/anything within their vicinity. They may also invite anyone that is associated with that person.
Craig: Hey Greg! You should totally come to my party, its gonna be super-stylin! Hey Jenny you should come too and bring the guy in that yellow shirt..
Jenny: Thats Paul the rapist....
Craig: Greg do you know Paul?
Greg: He once butt fucked me without consent...
Craig: Awesome, he is invited
Paul: Cool... I will bring my butt fucking gear. Thank god for gravity invites
by Hsoj!!! August 23, 2009
Opposite to a gravity invite. It is where someone is so hideous or unpopular that he/her and anyone in their general area automatically become uninvited by default.
Craig: Greg, who else should I invite to my party?
Greg: What about her in the short shorts.
Craig: Who? Gurtree? That fat bitch?!!! Yuck! No way! In fact now that I think of it, I am uninviting all those around her- Jeff, Felicity, T-dawg, Gavin and Susan.
Greg: What about Paul the rapist? He is over there...
Craig: No. I like that kid, there's something about him.
T-dawg: Yo man, why you gotta go ahead and disinvite a brother like that?
Craig: Greg said you ear-fucked Gurtree..
T-dawg: Man, thats nasty. Why you gotta spread shit like that Greg?

Greg: I didnt say that I....
T-dawg: Save it man, I get it your just a player hater... screw this I'm gonna go hang with my man Paul...
T-dawg to Paul: Man can you beleive I got an anti-gravity invite all because of that screw up Greg?
Paul: Dont worry, Im going to butt-fuck him on friday...
by Hsoj!!! August 25, 2009
A word derived from the word "wanker". This word has the same meaning as "wanker" but is only spelt differently on social internet sites such as msn, myspace, facebook and twitter.This because the 'm' and 'n' are together and when typing with speed more often than not you hit the wrong letter. Also, as you are sending the message quickly, you do not properly proof-read. This can cause embarrassment for yourslef especially when a friend points out the obvious mistake and instantly makes fun of you.
Josh: Lindsay, you are a total wamker
Lindsay: wamker, is that a new term?
Josh: Shut up Lindsay... leave me alone you're embarising me.
Lindsay: Oh shut up Josh! You are such a girl!
Josh: sad face
Lindsay: Cry and i hit you with this golf club....
Josh: Yes M'am
by Hsoj!!! August 30, 2009

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