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A big mama butt that takes up a massive amount of space; a butt that is kinda scary
"Man, Teresa's boo fanny is all over the place, she need to stop dancing!"
#butt #fanny #booty #big #woman
by HsirT OecoM October 15, 2007
A dog (or person) that always finds their nose in a person's crotch; a bad name for someone who is stupid. Also called skank hound.
"Dutch is such a crotch hound; he always has his nose in my crotch!"
#dog #crotch #skank #hound #dutch
by HsirT OecoM October 15, 2007
A long-nosed dog that has its nose in everyone's buisness; A person who looks like a long nosed dog who has their nose in everyone's business. Also called a Crotch Hound.
"Davon, get your Skank Hound nose out of my crotch"
#dog #nose #skank #hound #hooker
by HsirT OecoM October 15, 2007
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