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4 definitions by Hrny Devil

When you straddle a girl in the doggie style position, resting your nuts on her back, and then you pee upward in an arc, having it land on her head. Thus giving her a nice yellow-spewing blowhole.
When I gave her the Free Willy, she looked up and thought the ceiling was leaking!
by Hrny Devil July 16, 2003
When your 69ing and you both take a piss all over each other.
That nasty Umpa-lumpa tried to talk me into a Willy Wonka, said her pee tasted like candy!
by Hrny Devil July 16, 2003
When some one sticks their toe into another's ass, then fucks them with it and/or wiggle's it around inside their poo-shoot.
I was watchin' this porno, and these two girls Flinstoned each other. I think one of them yelled, "Yabba Dabba Doo!"
by Hrny Devil July 16, 2003
When you cum in a girl's ass or pussy, leave your dick in her and then take a pee.
You shoulda seen the look on that skank's face when I gave her the Turkish Delight!!!
by Hrny Devil July 16, 2003