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4 definitions by Hot_East

A term used to describe a digital voice transmission that is received in a fringe area and is pixelated, resulting in a low delivered audio quality (DAQ). In this condition, the decoded signal's bit error rate (BER) has exceeded a critical value. This results in strange sounds that sound like "gollywobbles" instead of understandable speech.
After the sheriff narrowbanded his radio system and went to digital, the dispatcher sounded like gollywobbles every time his deputies drove through the valley.
by Hot_East May 04, 2012
A pejorative term for a pilot, originating in World War II. The term trivializes being a pilot, and is usually used in response to pilots trivializing other professions, or their support staff.
Pilot: "Say, there are a few bugs on my windshield. Clean them off, would you?

Avionics technician: "Yeah, right on that, buzz boy."
by hot_east March 24, 2014
A really old guy who drives a sedan about 15-20 MPH below the speed limit, and does so while wearing a fedora hat.
Every time I try to get somewhere in a hurry, I get stuck behind some hatter who can barely see over the steering wheel!
by Hot_East February 06, 2009
A male driver of any age characterized by an excessively large and high cowboy hat visable through the back window of what is typically a tricked out dualie pickup truck, but could be any vehicle. Typically drives in a manner inconsistent with yours. At first glance looks like Bulwinkle driving the car.
How can that circus freak fit in that Pinto with that hat on?
by Hot_East February 06, 2009