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2 definitions by Horshack

A censored version of "dumb ass" for use in front of your kids or co-workers.

Code for "A total moron"
Mom: Johnny's friend is a total door mouse. He got a pencil stuck up his nose again at school.

Dad: I know what you mean. This is the second time. Maybe they shouldn't play together so much.

Johnny: Do door mice like pencils, mommy?
by Horshack May 14, 2010
21 5
The act of slipping an object such as a pen or pencil in one's nose or ear as if no one else would notice. This is sometimes followed by smelling it or putting it in ones mouth.
Paul: "Did you see Stephen slip that pen up his nose during our 10:00 meeting? Talk about input."

Jimmy: "That was the deepest penciltration I've ever seen."
by Horshack April 08, 2010
16 1