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A commonly used mockery of 1337 talkers, derived from the over-use of exclamation marks after a declaration. Since many people preferred using the Caps-Lock to the shift key, they would be unskilled with the shift key (if such a thing is possible) and it would end up coming out as !!!1!!!!111!!!! or things along that line. "Eleventy" or "Eleventy-one" refers to the groupings of ones located in an overly long string of exclamation marks.
"1337" person: So he's all like 'omg u ghey phag' so I say fucku bithc lolol!!1!!!1!!11!!!

Cynical bystander: Yeah, and then I was all like OMG!!!one!!!!eleventy-one!!
by Horde September 04, 2004
Your Own Beer
Bring YOB
by horde September 03, 2012

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