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One of the biggest cliches in today's culture. Silly "getting-back-at-you" high school chick flicks usually portray the popular girls as blonde bombshells who gabble on their cellphones and say "like" as their every other word.
I'm not defending the popular girls here. I wish they'd be a bit more inclusive. What I'm talking about is the silly unpopular girls who like to pretend they're misunderstood and that the popular girls are the Evil Clique in the aforementioned chick flicks. They pretend they're being bullied or pushed around, and hog sympathy. These are the ones who drive me mad.
Equally annoying are the "non-conformists" who join a subculture of millions to be individuals. But that's another story.
I'm anti-example. Popular. This is now a ten-word sentence.
by Hopscotcher June 08, 2006

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