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1. Noun: A term of endearment describing one member of the freshman class at Bergen County Academies of Hackensack, NJ
--- plural: froshies
other less commonly used terms of endearment within BCA include: sophie and shit-head
So help me God, I am going to f'dunk all of these froshies if they don't stay out of the middle of the hallways.
by Hooters for Lunch September 23, 2005
1. Verb: to send out any mass-mail, regardless of it's recipiants, through the Bergen County Academies mailing service.
2. Noun: the former address given to each new incoming freshman class at the Bergen County Academies of Hackensack, NJ.
---froshed, froshing
I just recived five hours of detention for froshing one of my regular spams. And, this wasn't even one of the offensive ones!
I need to send out an e-mail to frosh in order to make sure that we have all the Frosh Madness participants ready to go on Monday.
by Hooters for Lunch September 23, 2005
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