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3 definitions by Hoolzie Boy

The father of fantastic.
Which makes it even better than Fantastic.
Carmz: Look at that *insert best thing ever here*!
Emma: WOAH! That's Fantastic!
Tony: No Em, that's Daddy Fantastic.
Carmz & Emma: Yerh mayyte. :D
by Hoolzie Boy March 08, 2008
the opposite of Daddy Fantastic.
Generally applied to someone who has a scruffy (scabby) appearence.
Tony: Coorr blimez look at that stunner.
Carmen: Got to be joshin Tonez.
Emma: Fo real, she's Scabby Fantastic.
Carmen/Tony: Feelin dat.
by Hoolzie boy March 17, 2008
The modern way of saying blimey.
Commonly used in place of omg.
Carmz: Have a chip Tonez.
Tony: Coorr blimez thats tasty!
Carmz: I know Tonez, I know...
by Hoolzie Boy March 10, 2008